Measurement Details:

You may leave some measurements which are only needed for specific outfits. Make sure you measure carefully and double check with it. It is a good idea to have someone else measures you. Please keep in mind that you should be wearing normal clothes or undergarments. Jeans and heavy blouses are not recommended while being measured. Lay the tape measure flat against the skin; don't pull it too tight, nor let it droop.

1. Neck Circumference

Measure round your neck in inches. Let the tape measure rest on your clavicle.

2. Cross Shoulder

The horizontal width measurement from shoulder point to shoulder point. Take measurement at back shoulder.

3. Bust/Chest Circumference

Place tape measure round your chest at the fullest expanse of the bust.

4. Sleeve Length

easure from the tip of your shoulder to your wrist.

5. Bicep

The width around the widest part of the

6. Armhole

Lift the arm a little and bend the elbow slightly - measure around the armhole loosely so that it will not bind when the arm is lifted up and down.

7. Shoulder to Elbow

Place tape measure from shoulder point to joint of the arm, also called elbow.

8. Shirt Length

Measure from shoulder to over bust and down to as long as you want. Usually down to bellybutton or down to knee is recommended for Shalwar Kameez and Trouser Suits.

9. Neck to Bust Point

Place tape measure to the point where neck is starting to the bust point.

10. Bust Point to Bust Point

11. Shirt Waist

Place tape measure round the natural waistline.

12. Central back neck

13. Trouser Waist

Place tape measure round the trouser waistline.

14. Hip Circumference

The circumference along the horizontal line at the widest point of the hip across the fullest part of the buttocks and over the end of the thigh bone.

15. Crotch

Trouser Waist to joined of the leg. You can also take crotch depth by sitting down on a flat hard chair. Take the measurement on the side from the waist to the chair.

16. Thigh Circumference

Take thigh circumference round the widest part of the leg. High up on the leg, just below the crotch.

17. Knee Circumference

Measure around the knee little loosely.

18. Calf Circumference

Measure the girth around the largest part of the calf.

19. Trouser Length

Measure as outer length of trouser including waistband. This is the length from top of where you wear your trouser at the waist down till where the trouser hem skims your feet.

20. Trouser Inseam

Take inseam measurement from the crotch, where two legs join, to bottom of the leg.

21. Trouser Waist to knee

22. Ankle