About Us

Created in 1998, Saadia Mirza (www.saadiamirza.com) renowned for unique in its creations, the outfits are like costumes, defining individual women with a raw power and fascination, which is in all essence characteristic of true femininity. Over the past ten years Saadia Mirza has developed a empire under its Saadia Mirza Virtues brand, including women's ready-to-wear, evening dresses, bridal, footwear and handbags with outlets in major cities of Pakistan. Globally, the brand's retail presence is in USA, UK and Middle East.

Concentrating on diversity, Saadia Mirza has expanded her creative energies in Bridal, Haute Couture, Luxury Pret, and Fabrics - dramatic and spectacular, each line offers a myriad of choices for those who are more expressive of their own individuality.

A vibrant bridal line, Bridal is by far the most indulgent, with embroidery done with real gold thread and embellishments in Swarovski crystals, real stones, pearls, Indian polki and diamonds. The fabrics are lush and rich, and with the ornate craftsmanship on it, the regal outfit is set to be special and different.

Deeply reminiscent of times past, Haute Couture, defines the era of subtle glamour and classic silhouettes. Playing with delicate colors and embellishments, this eastern wear lines draws from an ethereal femininity that exudes elegance. This is for those who appreciate a finer view of life and choose grace and poise rather than the loud and flamboyant.

This award winning Prêt a Porter Line is renowned for it’s classy outfits with beautiful cuts and impeccable quality. The line offers rare option of exclusivity and distinctiveness