Will I receive the exact product shown in the photo?

Yes, with the exception of handcrafted items, where there may be minor variations in the final product.


How can I retrieve my forgotten password?

To recover your forgotten password, simply navigate to the "Forget Password" section. You will then receive an email containing your new password.


How can I confirm that my purchase has been made successfully?

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email, please reach out to our customer service for assistance.


Is it possible to check the status of my order?

Certainly! You can easily track the status of your order in real-time by clicking on the "Orders status" section within "YOUR ACCOUNT".


What payment methods are available for making a purchase?

We provide the following payment options: Bank Transfer for local customers and both credit card payments and bank transfer for international customers.


How much are the delivery charges?

The delivery charges depend on the country and the weight of the package. The specific charges will be confirmed at the time of placing the order.


What is the delivery agent's policy for unsuccessful delivery attempts?

Our delivery agents will make two attempts to deliver your order. It is important to provide a clear and accurate address, including the country and area code, when placing your order. If the delivery is unsuccessful on the second attempt, the item will be returned to us.


What advantages do I have if I sign up with you?

By creating an account on https://saadiamirza.com/, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Easily change your password
  • Update your billing and shipping address
  • Check the status of your orders
  • View your complete order history
  • Update your address information conveniently